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How we are paid

At the outset, FP Consulting Ltd will arrange a preliminary meeting with you, for the purpose of identifying your main needs and objectives. There is no charge for this meeting – it is at our expense.

If you then elect to engage our professional services, and we feel we can help you to achieve your goals, we will then discuss the appropriate level of fees, and the method of payment. This will take into account your personal preferences. Importantly, we will not charge you until we have agreed with you how we are to be paid. We will also tell you if you have to pay VAT, and if there are other costs that might arise in connection with the services we provide to you.

Payment options – Investment advice

You can pay our adviser charges by cheque or by direct transfer to our designated bank account. You may also pay our adviser charges via deductions from the financial product(s) that you might invest in, where the product provider allows this. Please note that if you choose to pay by deduction from a financial product this will reduce the amount left for investment and may, depending on your circumstances, have other consequences. If you select this option we will discuss the implications of using this payment method with you prior to putting it in place.

Protection business

If advice is solely related to the arrangement of a protection plan, an agreed upfront fee may be payable to:

  • Establish precisely the amount of protection required
  • Consider continued suitability of existing personal and employer life cover arrangements
  • Research product providers suitable for your needs and requirements
  • Provide a report detailing our recommendations
  • Administrative assistance with the completion of all forms including Trust documentation where appropriate


You can pay for our advised protection services by fee, commission or a combination of these.

Whether we take our remuneration by way of commission or fees will be a matter of discussion between us followed up with a written agreement. No charges for fees will be made without prior notification.

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Tel: 01905 612944
Email: info@fp-consulting.co.uk

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