Monthly Archives: March 2015

Pension wise

Discussing life expectancy as part of your retirement planning is key

P ension Wise, the government’s guidance guarantee service, must discuss life expectancy as part of people’s retirement planning, according to a recent Aviva report.

Getting more savvy about saving and spending

Sorting out our finances is high on our list of priorities in 2015

The British population is determined to get more savvy about their saving and spending habits in 2015, with three quarters (76%) of adults admitting they are prepared to moderate their lifestyle, according to a new survey by Standard Life.

Changing financial roles

Almost 1 in 5 women are now the main household breadwinner

Nearly one in five (17%) of women claim to be the main breadwinner in their relationship, according to new research commissioned by Scottish Widows to mark its 200th anniversary.

‘Shot in the arm’ for oil consuming economies

Positive impact on earnings, and a small positive impact on dividends

Despite the so far rather negative response of equity markets, the oil price falls could be seen as a ‘shot in the arm’ for oil consuming economies, with many viewing the oil price decline as being deeply beneficial because it amounts to a reduction in input costs and a dividend to consumers.