How bright is your future?

Millions of over-40s expect to carry on working
until they physically can’t continue

One in five Britons admitted that they are planning to ‘work until they drop’ in order to have a comfortable retirement, a study from Aviva has revealed. Worries about being able to afford their ‘ideal retirement’ means millions of over-40s are expecting to carry on working until they physically can’t continue.

Save smart and make your existing money grow

5 tips to help you be more confident about your financial future

1 Always have some money that you can access easily and quickly for emergencies, before looking to invest for the longer term. It’s reassuring to know you’ve got money set aside to cover your rent, mortgage, food and utilities for a number of months.


Passing your estate to the right people at the right time

Putting your savings, investments, life policies or assets into a trust can play an important part in estate planning. A trust is a legal entity that has control over assets for the benefit of one or more people, and there are different types of trust which can be set up according to what you intend to achieve.

Inheritance tax

Make sure your legacy does not involve just leaving a large tax bill for your loved ones

In order to protect family and loved ones, it is essential to have provisions in place after you’re gone. The easiest way to prevent unnecessary tax payments such as inheritance tax is to organise your tax affairs by obtaining professional advice and having a valid Will in place to ensure that your legacy does not involve just leaving a large inheritance tax bill for your loved ones.